This is one of my favorites from what I call the "ghost broadcast" thread in my work. The background jazz consists of a raw flute scale sample, and piano from one of my other pieces that I deconstructed. The rhythm and construction of the jazz background is controlled by algorythmic sequencing generated in Numerology. The voice/message comes from historical recordings from numbers stations. 

The concept of the "ghost broadcast", for me, represents sort of a psychological landscape, where all of the signs and remnants of mankind, technology and history exist, but are somehow devoid of human presense. Abandoned radio stations and radios left running, computers are still chattering, machines are still spinning – automation has ensured that the activity goes on according to the rules that someone, at some point time set. It's not a place or "ghost" in the traditional sense... but rather a subconscious echo or reflection that contains the discarded and abandoned husks of history and culture.