User Interface Design & Media Art

I have been working as a screen-graphic and interface designer for over 15 years. I specialize in web design, screen and motion design for interactive products, digital signage, online applications, websites, and event projection design. In addition to my life as a designer, I also am active in media and sound art. 

In my sound and  installation work, I often examine metaphysical questions, such as; being, free will, responsibility, time, and awareness, for example, within the confines of artificial systems. The boundaries, rules and triggers in these systems can consist  of a variety of factors, including; human presence and physical interaction, intention, chance and randomness, distance from the observer to objects or sensors in the installation, and time. Although I avoid leading the viewer to a pre-determined conclusion when experiencing an installation, for me the process of creating an installation becomes a meditative experience, clarifying and solidifying my personal position on the questions posed, while simultaneously posing brand new questions. I often interface analog circuitry with computers and microcontrollers and develop custom programming to control the installations. 

Most of the sound pieces I have created have an element of automation, algorithmic sequencing, or algorithmic sampling of field recordings. These techniques provide a base of unpredictable song structure that I then reinforce with more intentionally crafted sound layers. The creation of order out of the unexpected is for me an important aspect of my sound work. The integration of field recordings that I have made in my travels and throughout day-to-day life for me adds an element of personal history that binds each sound work with a memory or emotion.