Web & Interface Design

I specialize in creating beautiful and user-friendly interfaces for web, digital signage, and mobile applications. 

User Interface Design

I design User Interfaces for web, mobile, and for touch-screen formats such as hotel and conference center digital signage and kiosks. Notable projects have included iPad sales tools, iPad virtual menu systems and mobile apps. 

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Screen & Digital Design

From design of projections and presentations for live events, to animations, brochures, flyers, posters, postcards, and more, I'm experienced in both traditional and digital media.  

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Brand Design

I'm an expert at working within a company's brand – including extending a vision and culture into new mediums and formats. Aside from maintaining a consistent look and identity, of utmost importance in corporate design is understanding the mission of the company and the desired outcomes of a particular marketing or design effort and expressing that throughout the project.

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Sound & Media Art

Creativity is a lifestyle, and I also create media art and sound design. Using a modular synth and field recordings, I create musique concrete-style sound collage. Additionally, I create sound and video art installations. Check out my art work here.

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